Saturday, April 2, 2011

I know

You are the light in my darkness, my shelter in a storm, You give me strength when i am weak, And you give your love to keep me warm. When I'm hurting or lost it is your faith that i use. When I'm cold or lonely you help me to see it through. When i feel pushed or shunned away, Its your friendship and love that makes me stay. I know you love me by your crying. I know you love me, i know you care. Thanks for showing me your always there.

Life is beautiful

Life is so BEAUTIFUL. I don't think people realize how much they're really not looking at the world. People are always saying they're life sucks or bad things happen to them and they sometimes do..But that doesn't mean you have to hate the world, yourself or God. Something good ALWAYS comes out of bad things, even if its very small or really big something good always will come. never forget to look at the world and see what you have. And what you will always have. This world is amazing. there are a lot of bad things happening but you just have to keep your head held high and always have faith, because God knows best. 

Jessie Michelle Hicks

So, This is my first blog EVER and i thought to i should right about my best friend. Jessie Michelle Hicks(:  Here goes nothin. Jessie is one of my best friends she has been for a very long time and i love her to DEATH. She is caring, Loving and also one of the prettiest girls i know. She and i have a lot in common and GAAAH shes just the best. We love being scared together and laughing ( wow it sounds like were dating) we love going on "Dates" and just chillin out and talking about guys. and i love it when her mom comes and hangs out with us too her mom is awesome.  But most of all we LOVE dancing together, we make up dances all the time and its amazing. I had a dream about us opening a dance studio and I HOPE IT HAPPENS. Anyway, this is fun. And i love you girl(: You better make one about meeee!